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May 18, 2017

Royal Terrace Falls

by Jim

Royal Terrace Falls
This is Royal Terrace Falls, in McDowell Creek County Park.

(Click here to view the interactive picture in a new tab. When it opens, click and drag to look around.)

Royal Terrace Falls is one of the primary waterfalls in the park. There are four primary waterfalls, including this one. Royal Terrace Falls is the easiest to get to, using good paths from either of two different parking lots. This picture was taken in the winter, when the flow was moderately high. In the summer it can slow almost to a trickle.

Even though this is one of the easiest waterfalls to photograph at the park, it has taken the longest to do so, for a variety of reasons. But now with this picture, I have a set of VRs for all the waterfalls at the park.

Here are links to VRs of the park’s other waterfalls:

Some of the posts contain links to VRs taken elsewhere in the park, and to a park map (difficult to find online).

Photography Notes
This was taken with a single exposure, the lighting was flat enough with the cloudy sky so that HDR was not needed. The tripod was removed by taking a picture looking down from some distance away, and using software to warp it into place.

I think this waterfall could lend itself to close-up studies, especially when the flow is a little lower.

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