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May 25, 2014

The Grand Gallery of the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum

by Jim

Grand Gallery
This is the Grand Gallery of the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum.

(Click here to view the interactive picture in a new tab. When it opens, click and drag to look around.)

This is a VR of the Grand Gallery of the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum. This is at the same museum as the Dan Brown Rosary Collection, and in fact this picture was taken the same day. Since the focus that day was the rosary collection, this VR was just opportunistic. We had visited the museum years ago, and at the time I tried to photograph the gallery without much success. I just couldn’t capture the sense of open space and large artifacts, but thought that it would be fun to come back and try some other technique. So when we went back again for the “Decade” shoot, I used the opportunity to capture this picture for fun.

This came out ok, although it was a little challenging dealing with the incoming light. I purposely chose a spot in shadow. Not sure this was the best location for capturing the sense of space, but it worked better than the standard photographs I took before.

Now, thinking about the next WWP project (“Work”), I may come back and take another shot here from a different spot in the room. It would be interesting to have two related VRs, to be able to compare views of some of the items from different locations.

Photography Notes

Because of the bright, direct incoming light, this picture was taken as a bracketed set and HDR software was used to merge them together. Many of the galleries in this museum are visually distinctive, so I may go back and take more pictures.

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